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HP Server Console Switches are key components for rack mount implementations (a console represents one keyboard, video monitor, and mouse (KVM) attached to a server). The family of HP Server Console Switches allows multiple servers in a rack to be accessed and managed by one keyboard, monitor, and mouse. By using a console, as many as 128 computers running different operating systems can be managed. Servers can be identified by a user-defined name or sequentially by number, enabling easy access to connected servers.

HP Server Console Switches can be connected in a tiered fashion, to increase server access from eight servers to as many as 128 servers. (256 servers if tiering to an HP IP Console Switch) Switching between computers is accomplished by typing a switching command at the keyboard, or by using the mouse to interact with the graphic interface of the selected computer via the OSD.

Technische Informatie
HP IP Console Switch Rack 8-Port

1 x Console (USB/PS2/VGA)
8 x RJ45 Server

HP Part nr: 336044-B21

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Partnummer : 336044-B21
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