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Compaq RILOE II Card

Technische Informatie
Compaq Remote Insight Board Lights Out Edition II Euro In prijs verlaagd !
Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II delivers an embedded, hardware-based graphical remote console capability that provides virtual presence to servers in data center and remote sites, giving full control of remote server display, keyboard, and mouse. It seamlessly supports text and graphics modes, displaying all phases of remote server activities (shutting down, starting up, loading OS operation) and is OS independent (Microsoft Windows and .NET, NetWare, RedHat and SuSE Linux). It works with a standard browser; no additional software is required on the remote server or client. The Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II is based on a 200-MHz processor that now provides significantly faster performance in the Graphical Remote Console. The Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II provides secure remote access to the host server by providing 128-bit encryption of the remote console data stream. Using the browser interface, Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II can be used to remotely operate the power button of a host server. For example, if the host server is off, you can turn it on from Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II. You can also power off and on the server in one step. A force server power off option is available for the Virtual Power Button in the event a momentary press is insufficient to power off a server with a failed operating system.

Compaq Partnr : 227251-021
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Parts 14-12-2006
Labor 14-12-2006
On site 14-12-2006

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