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Intelligent, Affordable Wire-Speed Switching
Deploy high-performance, feature-rich Ethernet LAN switching. This affordable, intelligent 10/100 switch is fully manageable, making it ideal for networks of any size.

Wire-speed performance, support for network telephony, and two uplink slots accommodate demanding applications. Optional switching modules provide resilient high-speed connections such as Fast Ethernet, including 100BASE-LX (Ethernet in the First Mile), and Gigabit Ethernet copper or fiber links.

Rapid Spanning Tree, automatic link aggregated stack-wide trunking, resilient stacking and optional redundant power supply support deliver robust performance and fault tolerance.

Technische Informatie
- User network login with IEEE 802.1X and RADIUS, combined with RADIUS Authenticated Device Access (RADA), based on MAC address, provide secure network access control at the network edge

- Authenticated users can be automatically placed into a specific VLAN, restricting access only to the data needed

- Secure Shell (SSH) encryption of login passwords, management VLANs, and management station "trusted IP address" lists help protect network from rogue management threats

- LACP (802.3ad) intelligently detects configuration duplicity and uses it to trunk up to 4Gb of bandwidth across a stack, while nullifying single points of failure from the network's edge infrastructure

- Advanced Layer 4 functionality automatically identifies and prioritizes real-time or business-critical applications, such as SAP, voice, and video

- Backup and restore functionality enables switch configurations to be captured and reapplied individually to a single switch or across a whole network at a push of a button

- Forwarding up to 6.6 million pps, the Switch 4400 operates at full wire speed on all ports

- Stackable architecture increases scalability and allows high-speed trunks between workgroup and other resources

- Add optional switching modules to provide resilient high-speed connections, such as Gigabit Ethernet backbone links, or 100BASE-LX 10 links for Ethernet in First Mile over Point to Point Fiber (EFMF)

- 3Com Network Supervisor software (60-day trial version included) supports automatic prioritization of real-time or critical traffic

- Mix and match 24-port and 48-port SuperStack 3 Switch 4400s to create a resilient stack of up to a total of 384 10/100 connections

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