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Compaq StorageWorks 4214R Enclosure
Geschikt voor 14 x Disk in Universal Tray (4,2 TerraByte)

Technische Informatie
Compaq StorageWorks 4214R Enclosure
Fabrikant : Compaq
Capaciteit : 4,2 TerraByte
Interface type : Ultra2 Wide single bus
Data transfer rate : 80 Mb/s
Grootte : 19" 4U hoog

The StorageWorks Enclosure 4200 Family is Compaq's Ultra2 SCSI disk enclosure. These enclosures deliver industry-leading data performance, availability, storage capacity, rack density and value to meet customers' demanding and growing storage needs. The StorageWorks Enclosure 4200 Family was developed, designed, and engineered by Compaq and includes innovations such as support for up to 14 (1-inch) disk drives and the ability to upgrade to Ultra3 in a matter of minutes. The ease of upgrading the StorageWorks Enclosure to Ultra3 provides customers with smoother technology transitions, lessens the disruptions to the business environment and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Compaq Partnr : 103381-B31 / DS-SSL14-R1

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