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QLogic SANblade QLA2200F/66

The SANblade 2200 Series is based on QLogics award-winning Fibre Channel architecture and is designed for performance in the Storage Area Network (SAN) environment. The SANblade 2200 Series provides all the benefits of Fibre Channel technology - fabric connections for hundreds of devices, bandwidth to 200 MB/s (in full duplex) and distances through 20Km - in a highly integrated, cost effective package. The high performance SANblade 2200 Series supports SAN-enabled features, like F-port fabric login, full duplex, Class 2, FC-tape and IP protocol, creating a powerful SAN connectivity solution

Technische Informatie
Aansluiting: 64-bit 66MHz PCI
Interface: 1Gb single port Fibre Channel (SC Multimode)Data rate: 200MB/s

Dell part nr: 0002280R
Qlogic part nr: QLA2200F-CK
Model: FC0310406

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